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Video: Asia Chan-Rose At Work

A short piece capturing Asia Chan-Rose deeply engaged in the creative process across multiple pieces.

Asia chan-rose on taiwanese tv

After the Stone Carving Workshop of 2019, an exhibition was launched at Hualien Stone Museum, featuring the work of the artists. The media were in attendance, together with visiting dignitaries, and took the opportunity to gain an insight into the inspiration for the varied pieces on display.  Asia Chan-Rose was the only artist to produce more than one sculpture, exploring two very different subjects, which proved of great interest to the attendees. She features at 1:15 and 1:40.


​Asia Chan-Rose returned from Taiwan with two pieces from her 4-week stay at the Hualien Sculpture Workshop.  Part of a group of eight sculptors, they received a fair amount of media attention both before and after the workshop, had a number of visiting dignitaries, and were the focus of daily photographic coverage.  Asia was the only sculptor to produce two works during the month, and shared in the recognition of the quality of this year's participants, as seen here. Google will translate the page if required.  All works are currently on exhibition at the Hualien Stone Sculpture Museum.  Asia is looking forward to the next stage in her sculptural journey, having acquired many new skills, and is very grateful for the opportunity afforded her by the Taiwanese Cultural Bureau and the Hualien County Government.      

hualien stone sculpture workshop

Asia Chan-Rose has been given an all-expenses grant by the Taiwanese government to attend a month-long sculpture workshop in Hualien, on the east coast of Taiwan. She will be there from mid July to mid August. A well-established museum, and the first of its kind in the country, the facility is in the heart of an area world-famous for its natural marble and jade resources, and at the entrance to the Taroko Gorge, one of the seven natural wonders of Asia.  The first international stone festival was held in 1995, and the museum itself established in 2001.  Artists are required to submit a proposal and a portfolio of work in order to be considered for the grant, from which a limited number are selected. Asia is very enthusiastic to attend, both for the opportunity itself, and to be able to focus on carving to the exclusion of all 'normal' matters. She is sure her husband and children will be able to cope without her, somehow. ;)  

Sculpture Exhibition a real success!

The first day of Asia Chan-Rose’s sculpture exhibition ‘Enlightened?’ was a great success. Before the official opening time of 11am, an enthusiastic couple from Llandyrnog were already through the gate – “Are we too early?” They were closely followed by a couple from Tremeirchion, then others from Ruthin, St Asaph,Denbigh, all keen to explore the pieces arranged around the gardens of Plas Clough. Glorioussunshine, a light breeze, intent discussions, and then relaxing under umbrellas, sipping homemadeelderflower cordial and digging into rich, fudgy brownies.The work “challenges one’s perception of the concept of sculpture…looking at life through analternative dimension” was one comment, and “wonderful afternoon, such talent” another.  It was so idyllic, hidden in the ‘oasis’ of green, a time to rest and enjoy the company of new friends,that one person asked if they “could stay longer, if we don’t mind?” Of course!  There were two more days, with both new and familiar faces appearing at the door, to experience Asia’s unique perspective, one-of-a-kind sculptures, and possibly be “spiritually touched”. Almost everyone tried the fresh, crunchy delight of a Taiwanese green plum recipe, so much so that supplies quickly dwindled.   Thank you to all who visited over the three days. We're expecting this exhibition to be first of many, and are looking to include other artists in the space, as we've already been approached with this request. :)